About Us

We are a company with more than 5 years experience in short renting apartments.
We started small, and now in 2017, with many clients asking for a website we decided to launch the mymadeirahome.com website.
Now we can provide a clear image of our offer, partners deals and a better service to our clients.
As always we try to offer an apartment that makes you feel like you are at home.

Our Goals

We want now to keep improving our services, present our clients with more advantages and give more options on short renting.
We will have more apartments from other partners, that provides quality short rental stays.
We will have more partners working with us to provide better deals so that our clients can enjoy Madeira island the best way possible.

Thank You

We want to thank all of our clients who already stayed in our apartments, without them nothing would be possible. Great memories, great talks, great exchange of knowledge. to all my clients a huge thank you.
for our local team, working everyday with us, also a big thank you.
And most important, family and friends.